Buildings & Venues

Customers demand better services from us, in every place, every moment, wireless connectivity in buildings is a crucial business advantage, to penetrate the exterior walls and windows of a building we need to go further. Wi-Fi solutions are often inadequate to support the demand, building solutions must adapt to the environment and the ability to provide the advanced wireless services that will differentiate your property.

Distributed Antena Systems

Deliver wireless coverage indoor or outdoor in the most challenging environments with a DAS that is certified for use with participating wireless service providers’ macro networks

Small Cells

Bring wireless service providers to improve in-building wireless connectivity with an in-building small cell solution that provides a robust and reliable network backbone

Carrier Grade WiFi

Improve properties and exceed guest and tenant expectations using a fully managed network infrastructure, with Unified Data Analytics, to deliver an optimized wireless experience.

Bringing mobile comunications indoors

Ensure mobile devices being used in buildings or venues can connect and communicate. Our solutions and services deliver the best possible wireless experience in any indoor or outdoor enterprise facility. Guarantee connectivity, while staying ahead of technology demands in a 5G-ready environment.

In-Building Digital Strategy

Simplify in-building communications upgrades with a single point of contact. We deliver:

  • A full suite of professional services, starting with needs analysis through installation, testing, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance
  • Solutions that scale to suit buildings and venues of any size and type
  • 24/7/365 support to maintain high availability and minimize response time for network issues
  • A network that not only meets the coverage objectives of the enterprise customer, but also meets those of the wireless service providers

    “Wireless Services Attract Commercial Tenants”


    Beyond connectivity: The telecom landscape in the age of 6G

    Beyond connectivity: The telecom landscape in the age of 6G

    While most companies are still getting to grips with 5G technology, Sapan Agarwal from Frost & Sullivan explains why forward-looking companies should already be strategically preparing for the next big leap – 6G. With business as usual, it is likely that the...