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Mission-critical wireless infrastructure is imperative for government agencies that serve and protect the public. But, budget constraints and the time it takes to develop new tower sites can make network upgrades challenging


When it comes to telecommunications engineering, TOW does it all. As a full-service engineering and construction organization, we operate in a variety of capacities for both new and existing construction projects. Our services range from initial site design through construction to the final inspection.

We have an engineering department attentive to your needs under strict quality standards, including civil, electronic / electrical and telecommunications engineers.

To meet the demanding demands of end users, in terms of capacity, quality and performance, we offer you our DAS engineering area, with iBwave (level 3) certified engineers and measurement tools for correct modeling and final deliverables.

“tower one wireless provides small cell tower, Wi-Fi network system columns, and distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions for outdoor spaces.

Small communication towers and DAS poles can improve coverage and capacity in a specific geography while facilitating spectrum efficiency. Further, with low centers of radiation, DAS poles enable Valmont customers to quickly install a network that can provide clear signals with minimal ambient environment interference.

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Tower One Wireless is on the cutting edge of technology involved in design and engineering for the densification of existing 4G networks which has exponentially increased small cell deployment. As an integral part of the paradigm shift to IoT, we’re consistently adapting to the industry’s deployment of 5G technologies.

To support this growth in technology and engineering, we’ve provided civil/structural engineering design for thousands of small cell installations nationally on a multitude of existing structures including wooden utility poles, steel, fiberglass, concrete, stadium lighting and rooftops. Whether iDAS, ODAS or Small cell, Maser Consulting has extensive engineering design experience to streamline the design, permitting and construction timelines.