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Mission-critical wireless infrastructure is imperative for government agencies that serve and protect the public. But, budget constraints and the time it takes to develop new tower sites can make network upgrades challenging.

staying within budget

Enhance Public Communications

As technology evolves, people expect their state and local agencies and municipalities to keep up. As you look for ways to pursue new opportunities and better serve your communities, a fast and scalable network will make sure your mission-critical systems are prepared for the future. Next-gen connectivity can give you access and bandwidth that will allow you to embrace new technologies, improve your operations and stay ahead—all while saving you time and cost.

Our mission is to support your mission—whether you’re expanding coverage for a Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network, upgrading a regional or statewide public safety broadband network, or developing a new federal wireless network.

Our dedicated government and public safety team partners with you to enhance your communications network in the way that makes the most sense for your mandate and financial realities.

More reliable connections

Whether you’re tracking your morning run, catching up on office email, or pulling up a video clip from last night’s game on your phone, you want your technology to work. When calls drop, or data doesn’t load, those are missed moments you may never get back. Solving this problem requires more than just wireless coverage.


opportunities for your community

New advancements like 5G and smart city technologies have the potential to boost economic growth and make communities safer, more efficient, and better connected. For municipalities, this opportunity requires a balanced approach that considers the needs and wants of multiple constituencies. 

With this unique and integrated portfolio, we help communities meet their high-bandwidth needs and prepare for exciting new advancements on the horizon. Since all of our infrastructure can be shared, we’re able to accommodate multiple carriers and serve more people and businesses with less equipment and disruption. 

a structured process for expanding small cells

We carefully plan and execute every installation to meet the needs of the community it serves, as well as the municipality that oversees it. As we expand small cell networks across the country, we follow a process that ensures your community will be ideally situated for all its current and future wireless needs. 

We know that every community is different. That’s why we work to find and execute solutions that meet your specific needs. Our team of engineers is skilled in finding innovative ways to design infrastructure that preserves the aesthetics and character of your community. 

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