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Often in the investment world, a long-term business trend is easy to identify, but finding the right stock to buy to take advantage of that trend is anything but. Fortunately, the choice is simple for microcap investrors looking to hitch a ride on the rapidly expanding need for cellular network capacity by owning shares in a cellular tower company, as there is only one such stock in North America: Tower One Wireless (TOWTF:OTC)



Investor Relations

Company overview

Tower One Wireless is an independent developer, owner, and operator of telecommunications infrastructure in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and Ecuador. Our success has been the result of years acquiring, building, and managing wireless telecommunications infrastructure in emerging markets environments in Latin America.

Tower One Wireless focuses solely on a Build-to-Suit (“BTS”) strategy for Mobile Network Operators (“MNO”) in the regions we serve. The company is focusing its operational efforts in Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador moving forward. We are currently listed on the CSE (TO) and OTC (TOWTF). Insiders own 44.3%

Our focus is to continue to provide all our investors with the benefits of emerging markets growth, along with the technological wireless infrastructure business.


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