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internet of things

Move Toward a World Where Everything Is Connected

With the Internet of Things (IoT) we will be able to connect everything from televisions and washing machines, lighting (home and public), utility meters and even cars. The density of these devices will be very high, which will force operators to expand their network in order to take advantage of the IoT opportunity. Being close and it will always be the difference.


Find Tower solutions to meet any need. Whether you are in wireless or broadcast, wether you want to collocate on a tower, build a tower, or sell a tower, we have a solution that would work for you.

Smart Poles

Densify your network on a large scale  in the most crowded urban environment with an  aesthetically designed solution  that lights up smart cities. 

Buildings and Venues

Take wireless coverage wherever it needs to go indoors and outdoors- including office buildings, sports and entertainment venues, hotels, retail complexes and more.

Internet of Things

Building the foundation for a connected iot

The internet is not just for computers—or even smartphones—anymore. Everything is coming online—from appliances to factory machines to self-driving cars. This internet of things (IoT) is transforming every part of our lives. And as a result, cities, businesses and homes are getting smarter, while the way we work and interact
with the world is changing all around us.

For IoT companies, enabling this means making complex networks of devices communicate with each other and transmit data constantly. Your systems need to work seamlessly so end users can implement them easily and begin taking advantage of them immediately—without worrying about the quality of the data. As you consider what this new reality means for your business, our infrastructure can support the connectivity you need to stay ahead of the curve.


Make the Connections You Need

Whether you’re tracking your morning run, catching up on office email, or pulling up a video clip from last night’s game on your phone, you want your technology to work. When calls drop, or data doesn’t load, those are missed moments you may never get back. Solving this problem requires more than just wireless coverage.


opportunities for your community

New advancements like 5G and smart city technologies have the potential to boost economic growth and make communities safer, more efficient, and better connected. For municipalities, this opportunity requires a balanced approach that considers the needs and wants of multiple constituencies.

With this unique and integrated portfolio, we help communities meet their high-bandwidth needs and prepare for exciting new advancements on the horizon. Since all of our infrastructure can be shared, we’re able to accommodate multiple carriers and serve more people and businesses with less equipment and disruption.

a structured process for expanding small cells

We carefully plan and execute every installation to meet the needs of the community it serves, as well as the municipality that oversees it. As we expand small cell networks across the country, we follow a process that ensureyour community will be ideally situated for all its current and future wireless needs. 

We know that every community is different. That’s why we work to find and execute solutions that meet your specific needs. Our team of engineers is skilled in finding innovative ways to design infrastructure that preserves the aesthetics and character of your community. 

“A new opportunity through connectivity”


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Orange launches 5G SA in Spain, but Europe lags on 5G SA

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Tower firms eye 5G mid-band and small cells to boost 2023

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