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rooftop owners

Lease Us Your Rooftop. Transform unused, unprofitable rooftop space into a revenue-generating asset for your business. Tower One makes it easy. We work with property owners to simplify marketing to mobile network operators and broadcasters, manage tenant relationships, and administer billing and payments.

Simplify the Leasing Process

We’ve been helping property owners, mobile operators, and broadcasters make this easy

Fill capacity gaps in dense urban areas with our portfolio of managed rooftops and other tall structures in key locations across the U.S. and Latam


Find New Revenue on Your Rooftop

Lease your commercial rooftop to Tower One Wireless to turn empty space into a long-term revenue stream.

As mobile network operators work to densify their networks, they’re looking for more and more commercial rooftop locations in crowded urban cores. In addition, broadcasters are looking for key rooftop sites on the tallest buildings.

You don’t need expertise on mobile operators, broadcasters, or their businesses. We work with you on all aspects of rooftop leasing, so you can stay focused on your core business.

Maximize Rooftop Revenue

Take advantage of our pricing, marketing, and sales services to attract tenants and build revenue:

  • Market pricing experts ensure your site is priced right for your location and market
  • A sales team to work with our pool of thousands of individual tenants to market your site
  • Our site locator tool provides instant visibility of your site(s) to thousands of current and prospective customers


      Who do I contact in the event of an emergency?

      Please call our 24/7 Network Operations Center toll free at xxx-xxxx-xxxx
      For assistance on all other matters, contact our landlord relations team at xxx-xxxx-xxx. info@toweronewireless

      Is Tower One interested in buying out my agreement?

      Yes, Tower One is interested in purchasing your interest in the agreement. Please complete our Agreement Purchase Form and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

      As your current tenant, we can likely match or exceed any other offer and can structure the transaction to fit your financial needs.

      How do I update my contact information with Tower One?

      Please complete our Contact Information Form, so we can update our records. Note: we’ll use the address you provide to mail any notices required by the agreement.

      I have a question about my payment. Who can I talk to?

      We’d be happy to address your question. Please send us a message to send your question directly to our landlord relations team.

      When will I receive my payment?

      All payments will be paid according to the terms of your agreement.

      Monthly rental payments are issued at the end of each month, in advance, for the following month. For example, if your agreement states you are to be paid monthly, your July rent payment will be issued by the end of June.

      Can Tower One pay me by direct deposit?

      Yes, payment by direct deposit is our preference. Please complete our Direct Deposit Enrollment Form, then mail, scan, or fax it to us as described on the form.

      I’ve sold my property that includes a TOW site. What do I need to do?

      Please direct the new owner to this website and ask them to complete the Ownership Change Checklist and provide all relevant documentation.

      Is Tower One going to put additional tenants on the tower?

      Tower One markets each site with the goal of collocating multiple mobile network operators onto a single tower. Multitenant towers are beneficial because they are:

      • An aesthetically favorable solution that reduces the need to construct additional towers
      • A cost-effective solution for tenants, allowing them to put more resources into building a better wireless network for their customers
      • An excellent way to secure long-term interest in the tower
      What is my site number, and why do I need it?

      Your site number is used to identify your account. When you contact us, please reference your site number to help facilitate your request.

      To find your site number, please check your payment remittance summary or the signage at the site. If you are unsure, please contact our landlord relations team

      “What Would You Do With More Financial Freedom?”


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