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Acquisition & Zoning

Find the right sites with site planning services tailored for your network and RF requirements. We identify potential site issues and provide solutions that can help to avoid deployment delays

site acquisition

Whether the task at hand is navigating through a difficult zoning jurisdiction, or delicately negotiating with a nervous landlord, TOW understands that the finesse of a good Site Acquisition team can mean the difference between success or failure.

We are end to end experts in the search and acquisition of sites for telecommunications networks. Our searches are supported, and empowered, by our area of RF experts who optimize what the client needs and where they need it, with added value in position and height, in order to increase options in restricted areas.

Once you experience the streamlined processes of our in-house, turnkey Site Acquisition department working side-by-side with our Civil Engineering, Survey, and Regulatory groups, you’ll see that avoiding problems doesn’t have to be an exception to the rule.

We make every effort to go above and beyond by anticipating our customers’ needs and delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

Our site acquisition services are delivered by a team of licensed professionals including land use specialists, attorneys, MBAs, permit expediters and experienced site dev experts. This dependable team analyzes client network objectives and tailors a strategy to achieve them.

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tower one experience

Cell tower site acquisition and ownership can be a complicated and risky endeavor if you don’t fully understand the complex rules and regulations involved. But, with increasing demand for capacity due to the explosion of devices in the market, it can also deliver hefty profits for those who know how to properly allocate their resources and build strong relationships with carriers.

Knowing and understanding the needs of carriers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile US and Sprint are key to making a profit.