My background has been investment banking into Latin America for the last 18 years with a focus in natural resources and telecom infrastructure.Tower One Wireless is focused today on telecom infrastructure, basically the construction of cellular towers in each of the countries we’re active in.We lease our towers for 10 to 20 year contracts to these mobile network operators.These clients are all publicly traded multi billion dollar market cap organizations.For Tower One Wireless, our premier focus right now is in Argentina, where there is a need of over 10,000 towers over the next three years in the country.Today, we are one of the only publicly traded cellular tower companies in the world.Our competitors are either private equity backing cell phone companies or my four other publicly traded companies.So in the small cap space, we are the only standing cell phone tower company that exist with the same clients as a larger tower companies in the same countries, under the same rental terms and under the same conditions.The future plans for Tower One Wireless is to expand into all countries in Latin America where we basically have the same business model and about 50 percent of same clients when we change from one country to another.

About Tower One Wireless

Tower One Wireless was founded in 2015 with a mission to own and operate high-quality cellular network infrastructure sites in South American markets that are experiencing strong usage growth.Focuses primarily on building towers in municipalities where there is limited or no cellular coverage.Currently focused on 4G LTE infrastructure expansion in Colombia and will look to open other territories to enhance coverage.The company believes in a triple bottom line. The triple bottom line consists of social equity, economic, and environmental factors.“People, planet and profit” succinctly describes the Triple bottom line and the goal of sustainability.For more information on Tower One Wireless (TO.CN) please fill out the form below. ​