10 antennas were installed at different sites in Buenos Aires and Rosario. It is 100 times superior to browsing the 4G network.

The Telecom company enabled the first 5G network in Argentina, after installing ten mobile antennas with that speed for cell phones from the Personal company.

The new antennas are in the cities of Buenos Aires and Rosario. The 5G network will offer great opportunities for the development of the IoT (internet of things) thanks to its main characteristics: high response speed (100 times higher than browsing the 4G network), low latency and multiplicity of devices connected at the same time They explained from the company.

Telecom CEO Roberto Nobile said: “2020 was a pivotal year for everyone, in which it was demonstrated that the future is built on information technology. At Telecom, we faced the current situation and did our best to keep Argentines connected and thus be able to continue working, studying and entertaining themselves from their homes. We invested heavily to make Personal the best 4G network in the country. Now we are taking a step beyond connectivity by turning on the first 5G network in Argentina ”.

Nobile explained that “This technology is the future of our industry, and it will also drive the country’s growth and the development of essential infrastructure for the digital economy. With 5G technology, the country’s economy will gain in competitiveness, which is vital because companies will define their investments based on the availability of this technology ”.

The Telecom company is a pioneer in experimenting with 5G technology, continuing with the work for when the technical and regulatory conditions necessary for the full deployment of the service throughout the country are in place.